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Please use these instructions to ship your laptop to us.

Step 1

Line your shipping box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Old newspapers can also be used for this task. This will help protect the laptop from any shocks the box absorbs during transit.


Step 2

Wrap a sheet of bubble wrap around your laptop computer, then carefully place it in the box. If bubble wrap is not available, you can use randomly smashed paper to secure your laptop inside the box.


Step 3

Seal the box’s openings with packing tape. When performing this step, don’t be afraid of using too much tape, as the last thing you want is the box opening up while in transit. For more information visit UPS “Pack and Ship Electronics”  page

Step 4

Attach UPS shipping label to the top of the box. Use tape if label is not sticky or not secure to fall off during transportation.


Step 5

Take the securely sealed package to the nearest UPS Drop Off location or office, and ship it from there, or call to arrange for pickup from your home or office.


Thank you. Have a wonderful day!